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 operation eon 

Two of the CIA's best detectives are recruited to work for a secret branch called Operation Eon. They are led by world-renowned physicist Dr.Ledhouse who prepares them with top technologies retrieved from an alien spacecraft crashing at Area 51. From these technologies Dr.Ledhouse builds a time traveling vehicle which sparks the genesis of Operation Eon. As the lead detectives of this top-secret branch, Rose Fairchild and James Russo are able to travel through time to solve cold cases by finding evidence as soon as the crime occurs and bringing their findings back to the future for further analysis. But they only have limited time to do so. If they are stuck in a certain time period for too long they risk prolonged exposure to cell degeneration resulting from radioactive energies emitted from breaking through the time-space continuum, thereby becoming nonexistent in the future. 


 OPeration eon: the MANIFESTo 







Dr. Edward Ledhouse here. I write this manifesto to prove to the world that I'm not crazy. There is a an element of truth to all of those conspiracy theories: certain horrors hidden by the Pentagon, the U.S. military, the FBI, and the CIA for your protection. The media leaves details out for a reason. The less you know, the better. I write this, to bear witness to the fact that time travel IS possible. However, there are certain limitations still left to consider. It is my responsibility to investigate those limits and document my findings. I only hope that Agent Russo and Agent Fairchild persevere until Operation Eon has been completed. 



10/14/15:  Meet the Team Members of Operation Eon @ NYC Comic Con!


11/6/15:  Exclusive Lecture by Dr. Ledhouse: Debunking the Time-Space Continuum @ B&N Union Square 


12/25/15:  Special 3D Screening of the Holiday Hologram Episode in Select Theaters Near You!


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